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Our Brother George-Free Cocaine


Our Brother George, the moniker for Columbia, SC native and current Nashville resident Henry Long recently released “Free Cocaine”, the first song from his upcoming EP out in December.

The song is a personal one about a connection made  at a party and how distance can put a strain on an instant spark, but how that spark still remains.

“She lived in a small town called Camden and I met her at a house party out there.” said Long. “It was one of those things where we hit it off right away and spent the whole night with each other totally neglecting the people we came to that party with. But over the next year or so, we realized it wasn’t going to work out with both of us living so far apart and soon going to school in separate states. However whenever we ran back into each other it was like we couldn’t really resist picking it back up again. This cycle of getting together, saying goodbye, and then reconnecting happened a few times before it finally ended for good.”

Long connected these feelings and experience with a bizarre story he heard from a friend about receiving some free cocaine. The stories paralleled with the love being “free” and it seeming a waste to not enjoy the natural connection they shared, so why not just enjoy their time together even if it might end up leading down a dark road.

Written almost two years ago, Long finally recorded the song over the fourth of July holiday at Seaboard Recording Studios in West Columbia with Chase McGuckin on drums, Jordan Spanske on bass and Rigby Phillips contributing background vocals. The upcoming EP will be five songs total, titled Capitol Cities and will be accompanied by a release show in Long’s current capital city of Nashville with his new band.


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