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2017 brought a lot of change for ET Anderson, but also reinforced what the band is all about. What started from the band name Broken Local Scene a year ago turned into a performance featuring members of at least four different local bands, three live videos, and a vinyl release via Refresh Records. It also gave a glimpse into the new ET Anderson lineup, featuring Maxx Puckett on guitar and vocals. The collaboration aspect looks into the future of the band who has a lot in the works.

The point of the project was also to turn people onto to Broken Social Scene, and it’s worked. Through both the videos and the live performance, and now the vinyl, ET Anderson is both introducing new people to the band that influenced them and preserving that experience for themselves.

“I think the power of their songs should be felt by the whole world, especially in these challenging times and moments that we live in, Broken Social Scene songs promote something higher within people.” said ET Anderson frontman Wilson W. Wilson. “I’m just happy to be apart of spreading their gospel.”

Working with Refresh Records, who has ties to artists such as Junior Astronomers, Cuzco, Young Mister and others was a no brainer and a great introduction for the band and the label.

“We had been talking loosely with Josh Higgins at Refresh about working together. We’ve been extremely patient about hoarding demos for the past two years, so an album wasn’t ready, but he was really into the Broken Local Scene project we did and he approached me with a lot of enthusiasm and great ideas.” said Wilson. “I’ve had a lot of respect for him & his work ethic, so signing off on that was no question for me, as well I thought it’d be a special way to preserve the memory and amazing time we had doing the Broken Local Scene performance.”

2017 was all about collaboration for the band and that ethos is what will define the next phase of the band. This year saw the Broken Local Scene project, Secret Anderson featuring both ET Anderson and Secret Guest, and most recently backed up Niecy Blues for a performance. Now the band has plans to focus on their next album. Sitting on three years of material they have plenty to choose from. Former guitarist Alex McCollum was integral in writing some of the older material, while current guitarist Maxx Puckett had a heavy hand in some of the new material.

Wilson said “We have three years worth of material. The recent addition of Maxx Puckett & Jon Warf have been vital with jet setting the process forward more. Maxx & I have been writing a bunch together, some more forward-thinking stuff than I’ve ever done. He’s not only a great guitarist, but an amazing vocalist, too. So, he’s taken up some hefty vocal duties on this new record. We are planning on recording a chunk of music with Kris Hilbert in January and then doing a few sessions with Wolfgang Zimmerman, too. Collaboration has been a huge point in the new stuff.”

ET Anderson has proven their ambitious. One album might not hold what they have to come, so don’t be surprised if we get two from the band next year.


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