Bands We Loved at SXSW 2018


Superorganism marched on stage slowly in a single file, ringing bells, and wearing hooded rain jackets. It’s these types of things that bands add to a performance, that at SXSW makes your set more memorable. Having just released their album earlier this year, the band who are from all over, but united in England play a blasé playful form of pop music, but what else would you expect from a hip eclectic crew?


Every year there’s that band that catches a huge wave at SXSW and this year it was British band Shame who took the stage by storm and kept the internet buzzing. When in Texas…wear a Cowboy hat, or so the saying goes. That hat came off quickly, along with his shirt and it wasn’t long before the lead singer gave his nipples a little rub. It also wasn’t long before he was in the crowd, and then on the bar. They lean punk, relating to a crowd of mostly young girls, with a sort of attitude that would make other snotty British frontman proud.


“Wrap your arms around me” sang Hannah Read in the opening line of their song “Interstate Vision” which is also the opening track of their latest album. Originally from just down the road (in Texas just down the road is around four hours) Lomelda have been on the rise lately, and the crowd at this seemed to be a mix of out of town fans and for Read some familiar faces. The connection seemed to help with the show, and made it more intimate than just another one of many gigs at SXSW.

Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives was one of the most buzzed about performances at SXSW this year. It seemed like she was playing a show at every moment during the week. Walking down the street overhearing conversations multiple times I heard her being noted as one of the most unique performance of the week. Her purple sequin dress shimmered in the light as she elusively hit the stage, abstractly plucking her violin.


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