Recorded for what was originally planned to be part of an EP, “Little Chimneys” turned into more of a glimpse into what Vacation State has planned for their release being recorded in a studio later this summer. This single is more of a Frankenstein’s monster track, with drums recorded at Indah Coffee, strings recorded at guitarist Roger Caughman’s house, and vocals recorded at frontman Hamp Dodd’s.

“Little Chimney’s fits the Vacation State mold. A slow and grinding track that packs a powerful punch along with enough melody and hook to keep you singing and nodding along. They fit in perfectly with this bill with bands who also blend melody with a heavy sound, whether that be through the vocals or guitar.

Vacation State kicks off a run of dates with Riot Stares, Florida Man, and Planet Creep tonight at New Brookland Tavern, followed by shows in Charlotte and Purple Buffalo in Charleston on Saturday.

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