Live from Wrigley Field

Watch Dear Blanca Live at Wrigley Field

Watch Dear Blanca Live at Wrigley Field

Premiered on our 2017 SceneSC Sampler, “Seasoned Veteran” was originally released under frontman Dylan Dickerson’s name as a solo song, a part of a few songs he released in the first half of last year. The song has since come into the Dear Blanca catalogue. It’s rare to see Dear Blanca stripped back in this format seen here at Joe Chang’s Wrigley Field. Featuring Alex McCollum (Stagbriar) on guitar and Steve Sancho on drums, this lineup was debuted recently on a short run of dates. Dear Blanca is essentially bass player Cam Powell and frontman Dylan Dickerson and consistent, but rotating cast of musicians who fit right in and often add their own style to the band. Marc Coty is truly the band’s drummer, and someone who Dickerson has peformed with since high school. Nate Puza (Barnwell) is often drumming with the band, and for a while Wilson W. Wilson of ET Anderson played guitar with the band.

The band is currently at work on a new album, with a lot of news on the horizon. Dickerson was recently in LA working on a new music video with child star Steven Anthony Lawrence, who starred in the video for their song “Boulders” a few years back. There’s a lot more coming. A lot more in the works, but Dickerson was hesitant to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

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