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Milton Hall Releases New Album and Video

Milton Hall Releases New Album and Video

Following up his 2014 album Coat From Japan, Milton Hall’s new album Crowds is out now along with the video for the albums first single “Interstates”. Home recorded in winter of 2017, the album follows in the charm of Hall’s past music. Never quite straightforward, even when it seems it might be, Crowds wanders through acoustic based tracks that always have a creative twist at some point. Other tracks like “Borrow Pit” and “If I Had a Problem” are based on keys, with Hall performing everything on the album except for the keys on “Summer”. This new album, like Hall’s past releases is beautifully warped in a slight kind of way, and endearing in the way home recordings often are.

It’s also a sort of branch out for Hall who recorded his previous album with John Furr. An album that ended up having more production value than Hall’s 2011 album Numb World. Coat From Japan originally was planned to have three songs recorded with Furr and then to combine more home recordings. That changed when the recording process moved along quickly and smoothly and expanded into the full album being recorded at Furr’s studio Pow! Pow! Sound.

Existing somewhat in the underground of the Columbia music scene, if this is your first introduction to Milton Hall, it’s a great time to go back through the catalogue on Bandcamp.

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