Free Times Music Crawl 2018

Free Times Music Crawl 2018

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A few years ago we misreported that Free Times Music Crawl was back via a tweet. In my defense, the date for Music Crawl was advertised on a calendar at Art Bar, the Vista bar that has always served as one of the events central venues.  I was quick to learn that it was a misprint, and in fact the Music Crawl wasn’t coming back in April of 2014. Fast forward to January  2018 and another tweet popped up from Ross Swinson (Flower Shopping, Barnwell) who shared a photo of Music Crawl coming back this fall. This time, it was confirmed by Free Times Arts and Entertainment Editor Jordan Lawrence.

Music Crawl is a necessary yearly event for our city. And I can’t believe I even have to say this, but after what we’ve seen in the alt weekly world with the folding of Creative Loafing Charlotte and the Village Voice, Free Times is vital to our community. We get so consumed with day-to-day life and take local media for granted sometimes. Speaking from the music side of things specifically, having an outlet that reviews local music weekly, writes feature articles on both local and national acts, and previews nearly every show in the Midlands is something we as a music community can never take for granted. Even the turds who burn their paper because they don’t like their coverage, or lack there of, have to realize that.

For most Music Crawl is about supporting the bands, and the local music scene. This is a grand showcase of the diverse talent pool we have here, in a city that’s growing and  improving every day in nearly every part of town. As much as this is about supporting the music scene, it’s just as important to go out and support Music Crawl because Free Times is a vital part of our community in every sense. After all, who else gives you assholes a place to Rant and Rave weekly.

If you came for info about the bands playing, check out our Youtube playlist above featuring videos we’ve created with many of the acts playing. For more info on every band performing, check out Free Times preview.

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