The Courtroom Sessions

Gardeners-Bug (The Courtroom Sessions)

With the 3rd Annual Dumb Sweater Fest coming up this Friday and Saturday at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, we’re starting the release of The Courtroom Sessions, filmed live at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, SC in the fall of 2018.

It all started with a tweet from Gardeners and some perfect timing. We were looking for ideas for our next live video sessions and they tweeted they’d love to do one. It was almost as simple as that. We had to cancel our first scheduled date because of a hurricane, which ended up moving these until the end of September.

With the help of audio engineer John Nipe, we took over The Courtroom one Sunday afternoon shooting three songs from Gardeners, Motel Glory, GASP, and To Be Sure. This weekend you’ll be able to catch all of those bands, except To Be Sure (who performed this past weekend) at Dumb Sweater Fest. Check back Wednesday for our first song from Gasp, and Friday for Motel Glory.

The first of three songs we’ll release over the next few weeks from Gardeners is their song “Bug” off their debut EP, which landed on several top 10 lists for South Carolina 2018 releases. Deservedly so, I might add. As you can see in the video the band is great live in addition to their excellent EP.

The Courtroom Sessions

Filmed at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, SC
Sunday September 30, 2018

Produced by: SceneSC
Audio Engineer: John Nipe
Cameras: Kati Baldwin, Danielle Dickens, Leslie Leonard, David Stringer
Editing: David Stringer, Leslie Leonard

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