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Watch Susto Perform Three New Songs Live

Susto’s new album Ever Since I Lost My Mind out 2/22/19

Susto closed out 2018 strong, by announcing their new album Ever Since I Lost My Mind, releasing the lead single “Homeboy”, and with the “SUSTO Stories” album and accompanying tour. That album and tour seemed to mark a turning point for the band, closing the chapter a bit on the first two albums, sharing the stories behind those songs, and beginning to debut the new songs on tour.

For fans it gave them a glimpse at the stripped down versions of the songs seen in the videos here. On the album, “Homeboy” is a gritty indie rocker and “Weather Balloons” has more of a pop sheen. Here we get the “MTV Unplugged” version of the songs and a glimpse at the songs earlier stages. In these videos Susto frontman Justin Osborne is accompanied by Charleston singer songwriter Jordan Igoe, who joined Osborne on the Stories Tour on piano and vocals.

Filmed Friday December 7, 2018 behind The White Mule in Columbia, SC

Audio by Chris Wenner at Seaboard Recording Studio

Video by David Stringer and Leslie Leonard

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