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Photos: Speedy Ortiz with Ohmme & Niecy Blues

These three bands should have been on tour together. Though the tour was just Speedy Ortiz and Ohmme, Niecy Blues opening the show not only rounded out the lineup, but made it a spectacle of talent all night long.

So many times over the years great lineups like this in Columbia have been under attended. It’s the old feeling here in Columbia, where we can’t have nice things because they’re not supported. I don’t know if we’re there yet, but it seems to be progressing somewhat. This show was well attended, with a different flow of people in front of the stage for each set.

Niecy Blues had their crowd, vocal and energetic. With their usual guitarist Wilson Wilson out on tour with She Returns from War, Niecy Blues moved Jon Warf over to guitar and Khari Lucas (Contour) over to bass. It was much less Niecy Blues featuring ET Anderson, and more of a straight forward Niecy Blues sound.

Ohmme have quickly gained a dedicated Columbia crowd after their show at if Art last year. This was their first time returning since that show, and the spill over crowd at if Art filled the area in front of the stage at New Brookland bobbing their heads in sync and shouting the words when called for. Papa Jazz might be the number #1 selling record store for Ohmme outside of Chicago, credit the employees there for championing the band.

Visiting Columbia for the first time, Speedy Ortiz have toured by many times over the last eight years, whether it be on the to Charleston, or Shaky Knees. Over the years we’ve caught them all over, three times at SXSW, one time at Hopscotch, and one time at Shaky Knees, so to finally see them in our home town was a treat and they didn’t disappoint. Live they bring the energy, not straying far from their mathy indie rock roots. Late in the set the power shut off seemingly to the back of the stage, but then we noticed that the entire back room was dark. The show wasn’t over yet, the sound guy hit the breaker and Speedy Ortiz closed out their set to end a perfect night of music.

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