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After touring all over the world with William Fitzsimmons last year with their latest album Damage Points in tow, Slow Runner dropped off the map. They poked their head out once in Spring for a show, but it was night time and no shadow was apparent so they crawled back in their hole.

Where were they? Well Michael Flynn has been scoring video games and animated shorts and Josh Kaler has been “employing his studio wizardry” at Hello Telescope recording studio in Charleston. Oh yeah, and Flynn has been focused on raising his child born in late May. This all sounds like exciting stuff for them, but we’re Slow Runner fans! We require new music regularly or we get ornery and consider rioting in the streets.

Well we can now hold off picketing on King St. and throwing rocks through the Apple Store window because they have released a new single titled “I Always Thought I Would Make You Happy.” On Twitter I called it “beautiful” and “perfect” so I’ll stick with that. I loved it after the first listen.

But, that’s not all.

Along with this new single the plan is to release a new single once a month through November and maybe December. It’s similar to what they did in 2010 with the Ghost Rendition EP before the release of Damage Points. It’s different in that these songs don’t belong together. According to Flynn they are all older songs that don’t belong together, or didn’t belong on a previous album. So they are being rerecorded and released fresh for us, so we don’t riot in the streets obviously. The next Slow Runner album is coming, but is still a ways away.

Slow Runner will be playing a show at The Circular Church in Charleston on December 1. Along with the show they plan to rerelease their first album No Disassemble, which is unavailable in many markets. The album will be released alongside a second collection of remixes and covers.

At the end of 2011 Michael Flynn highlighted his “Year of Unholy Triumph

It’s a quick joyful read, so check it out.

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