We seemed to hit the nail on the head with our Anticipated SC Hip Hop Artist of 2014 list because this marks the third release in the past week from one of the artists listed. This one comes from Town The God. As soon as midnight hit his anticipated Equivocations EP officially dropped. The EP is 10 tracks of original music with Town crooning over smooth mellow beats and a ton of rap features from the Goonies. This is without question a well-executed project. The records fluidity allows you to press play and let each song ride uninterrupted. “Body Language” the first single from the EP is still a gem and nearly impossible to play just once. Other standout records are “Outer Space” and “Modern Relationships”. Town The God reminds me of a lot of the new age R&B artists that are heavily Hip Hop influenced without losing the soul in their music. Like Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, and others his lyrics are laid back and laced with a melodic feel without boring the listener. Another thing that makes this EP a standout is the perfection of the mixing and mastering. The unique samples and mixes come together effortlessly and tell a story on each song. Town, who mixed and mastered everything himself, has created at distinction that gives him a signature sound. Equivocations doesn’t sound like your typical local singer making meaningless music for popularity. There is a craftsmanship that can be appreciated and proves Towns authentic artistry. Although there are a few records that come off sounding a little too similar overall the project is well worth giving a spin. Another plus is you get features from $pidey, Dahwoo, and Shaun Phoenix. They add to the tracks without overshadowing Town who uses his voice to bring it all together. This is the type of EP with layers that you discover with each listen and enjoy more with time. Checkout the full EP below.

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